However expressed, the three key questions we are asked are always:

‘Can you help us grow? ... faster? ... more profitably?’
‘Can we improve sales performance?’
'Can you ensure that our management team have the necessary leadership qualities to take us forward?'

The answer is ‘yes.’ That is what Breakthrough Results does.

Focus on People, Performance, Leadership and Business Results.

Consulting, Training, Interim Management, Due Diligence, Skills Enhancement

  • Implement world class strategic and operational sales excellence
  • Achieve outstanding, profitable results
  • Develop an exemplary leadership team
  • Create and lead a high performance culture
  • Turnaround sales underperformance
  • Help consultants sell as well as consult
  • Ensure business strategy is aligned with the corporate culture

"Less than 10% of strategies are effectively implemented."


"You led a complete turnaround in our approach to services and customers which resulted in sales exceeding all expectations and a total change in the way we worked.”

David McKeigue
UK General Manager Damovo

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